The Recruitment Committee will assess all the applications, based on the evaluation of the candidate’s CV and background, the quality of the Institution where the candidate obtained his/her MSc or MD, the motivation letter, and the scientific and personal qualities of the candidate.

The process involves two main steps:

1- administrative validation of the application: all the mandatory documents required must be included in the candidate application;

2- academic validation; the scientific and academic quality of the candidate is assessed as well as his/her motivation. The potential of the applicant for research/development/innovation will be considered, and not just his/her past academic record.

The criteria for acceptance of a candidate are based on the excellence of his/her academic record and motivation, including the applicant’s academic and scientific curriculum, statement of purpose and letters of reference.

Based on the final ranking established by the Recruitment Committee, the top students will be invited for an individual interview with at least 3 members of the Recruitment Committee that will assess the candidate’s motivation and evidence of his/her ability to complete a rigorous research project. Finally, the Recruitment Committee will decide which students to accept based on the final scores of the overall selection procedure.