M2B-PhD is a 4-year program encompassing a Supervised Research Project and a complementary set of Curricular Courses.

Each year, a Call for Research Projects previous to a Call for Student’s applications, will be launched.

A Recruitment Committee (RC) will have the mandate to rank and select the best students and the best projects, simultaneously identifying the best student-project matches. The RC will mutually introduce student and the supervisor. Should they agree to integrate the M2B-PhD training programme as PhD trainee and supervisor, a Mentorship Advisory Board (MAB) will tailor the best career development plan for the candidate, with the help of the supervisor.

In addition to the research project, each student will follow a Career Development Plan prepared by a Mentorship Advisory Board (MAB) that, together with the student and the supervisors, will identify the best career development plan, including intra-institution and international mobility, and suitable complementary Curricular Courses to be attended.